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Communication is a proven key in empowering one’s knowledge. Culture, on the other hand, greatly contributes in the enhancement of communication.  Culture and Communication is efficiently used individually, but definitely more effective when applied together.

As your trusted partner in linking cultures and expertise, IndoCon values the field of cross-cultural communication by:

Supporting various delegations who want to do Business & students who want to pursue their education in Germany;
Introducing and connecting the local products of farmer into wider market; and
Building partnership with groups & individuals concentrating on culture, education and literature.

Our Achievement

IndoCon has been assisting the Indonesian Delegations through a Business Visit Organization on some trade fair in Nuremberg, such as the BioFach, the biggest organic fair in the world (since 2011), Interzoo, the world’s leading exhibition of pets (since 2014)

In 2012, IndoCon lead the academic exchange from South China Institute of Environmental Science for a Study Tour in Germany. IndoCon prepared and organized the visit and the program directing on Recycling and Waste Management.

In November 2014, the first International Conference of Indonesian Intellectual Community (ICONIC) was held in Nuremberg, Germany. IndoCon, as one of the Board of Advisors, formed a conference to serve not only as a platform to educate, but also as an opportunity for academicians, professionals and students to share ideas and thoughts in a conductive and stimulating environment.

IndoCon provided communication service to the Indonesian representatives at the International Tourism Fair Berlin, Germany in 2013.

To show the beauty of Indonesia’s Batik to varied nations, IndoCon organized events such as Batik Parade in 2009 and Batik Connects Us in 2012.

In 2013, IndoCon guided the representative of Budi Luhur University, an Indonesian University, to establish its partnership with the universities in Germany such as the Private University Diploma and Applied University George-Simon-Ohm.