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    Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH (IndoCon) is an interdisciplinary company and network which aims to be the gateway of different cultures and expertise all over the world.

    Established in 2006, IndoCon’s first role is to bridge the communication between Indonesia and Germany only; but with the years of experience in dealing with wider network of specialized partners and alliances, it progressively turned into a vaster consultancy firm.

    The IndoCon consultancy network brings together various partners, stakeholders and alliances by serving as an interface to advice, connect, interrelate and trade ideas with clients. Driven by experienced members, the team will be pleased to customize solutions that directly address your specific needs.

    Persistently thrilled to be a part of the eco-friendly and sustainable wing of the consultancy industry, Indocon will take various cultures and expertise to an entire innovative platform.

    Thus, Indocon maintains its flexibility and openness, and will adapt to the consistently evolving needs of its clients and partners by keenly providing the best services.

    Rolf Schleyer

    Rolf Schleyer (German national) initiated Indonesia Consult when his work as a Humanitarian Aid Consultant brought him to Indonesia and be able to establish and broaden his linkages.

    He has more than 20 years of professional experience in various fields and environments, specializing in humanitarian aid and international development in South and South-East Asia but also in other regions.

    He is an expert in lead management of multi-disciplined teams in complex multi hazard emergencies and multi-stakeholder environments; as well as the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of participatory integrated livelihood programs in urban, rural and remote areas. He is well known to major relief and development agencies, and is fully versed in international donor procedures.

    Graduated in Environmental Engineering, Pedagogics and International Development, he also specialised in Disaster Risk Reduction. Furthermore trained in Emergency Management, Training Management and Cross Cultural Management.

    He possesses excellent language skills in German, English, and Indonesian, as well as knowledge in French.

    Dwi Anoraganingrum

    Dwi Anoraganingrum (Indonesian national) has been living in Germany since 2006 to continually explore and develop her engagement in varied nations.

    She has more than 20 years of professional experience in various fields and environments, particularly in higher education and cross-cultural communication between Indonesia and Europe

    An Information Technology (IT) graduate, she has more than 20 years of experience lecturing in different universities in Indonesia and in Germany. At IndoCon, Miss Anoraganingrum oversees partnerships, meetings, and exchanges between universities, institutions, individuals and other stakeholders. In addition, she plans, organizes, and represents the organization at international and domestic events, as well as company foreign delegations at trade fairs.

    Miss Anoraganingrum is fluent in Indonesian, German and English.

    Monica Edralin

    Monica Edralin (Filipino national) has been partaking in diverse fields for over half a decade through converging her expertise in development and environmental works.

    As a licensed Environmental Planner (EnP) and a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction, she specializes in researching and writing papers for different organizations locally and internationally. She also conducts various sustainable tourism consultancies.

    Miss Edralin started to be part of IndoCon in 2013 by abridging and designing training modules based on the needs of the local non-government organizations (NGOs) and the communities. She then provides training manuals and capacity building. Moreover, she takes in-charge in presenting and promoting IndoCon’s products during conferences.

    She is proficient in Filipino and English.

    Anne Soniavitri

    Anne Soniavitri (Indonesian national) has been living in Germany since 2002. She is professionally involved in the field of art and cross-cultural communication of Indonesia and Europe for over 15 years.

    With a degree in Bachelor of Arts, she has a core competence in arts and cultural events management, mainly in the countries of Indonesia and Germany.

    In 2015, Ms Soniavitri begins to manage the administrative department of IndoCon. She is also responsible in giving assistance for local and foreign delegations during trade fairs.

    Ms Soniavitri communicates effectively in Indonesian, German and English

    Tezel Can

    Tezel Can was born in Turkey and has lived in Germany since 1976, where she attended school.

    Aside from her mother tongue Turkish she also speaks excellent English, German and Greek.

    Currently she still works in the health sector, however due to her experience in the retail and gastronomy bussines she has a high affinity to the food sector.

    Due to her passion for new experimental international cuisine, she joined with IndoCon Foods.


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    Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH

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